Toyota Approved Used

  • TOYOTA PLUS - Approved Used Car Programme

    When you buy a used Toyota from Border Motor Group we believe the experience must always be as enjoyable and reassuring as if you were buying a new model. That’s why Toyota introduced TOYOTA PLUS: an approved used-car programme that delivers complete peace-of-mind every step of the way.

    With the reassurance of extended Toyota warranties - up to 60 months - and full roadside assistance, as well as thorough checks by our trained technicians, every TOYOTA PLUS vehicle is ready to go. And as the Hybrid leader, every one of Toyota's innovative models comes with our exclusive Hybrid Life Assurance, to power you on for years to come.

  • Benefits of TOYOTA PLUS

  • Conventional Warranty

    All TOYOTA PLUS approved Toyota vehicles carry the reassurance of a minimum 12 month warranty. This applies to any Toyota vehicle showing the red TOYOTA PLUS logo in the search results.

    The warranty includes:

    • Unlimited mileage cover
    • Warranty repair work (which can be carried out at any Toyota Centre, or Toyota service outlet)
    • Toyota Roadside Assistance membership (including full European cover)
    • MOT test cover
    • Car hire and onward travel expenses in case of breakdown

    MOT test cover

    • MOT test cover for the duration of the warranty

    The only exclusions are:

    • Wear and tear service maintenance items
    • Battery
    • Exhaust corrosion
    • Damage and wear and tear to trim and bodywork

    Covered parts

    Lighting equipment: Front and rear lamps, number plate illumination lamps, headlamps, headlamp aim, stop lamps, rear reflectors, rear fog lamps, hazard warning lamps and controls, direction indicator controls, fog lamp on and off indicator light.

    Steering and suspension: Steering control, steering mechanism and system power steering, transmission shafts, wheel bearings, front and rear suspension and shock absorbers.

    Seats and seat belts: All seat belt mountings, their condition and operation, driver and passenger’s seat mountings and backrest security in an upright position.

    Brakes: Controls including ABS system if the warning light does not work in the correct sequence, the condition of the service brake and parking performance, corrosion of brake pipe (Frictional cover is not covered when the condition is related to wear and tear)

    General: Windscreen wipers and washers, vehicle structure, fuel injection and ECU replacement as a result of failure to meet MOT exhaust emission standards.

  • Hybrid Warranty

    All TOYOTA PLUS approved Toyota Hybrid cars carry the reassurance of a minimum 12 month warranty. This applies to any Hybrid Toyota vehicle showing the blue TOYOTA PLUS logo in the search results.

  • 12 Month Roadside Assistance

    All TOYOTA PLUS approved cars come complete with full roadside assistance coverage that includes breakdown and recovery services at your home or by the roadside.

    The Roadside Assistance includes:

    • Homestart
    • Onward journey
    • Collection and transportation to your local centre
    • 48hr replacement vehicle
    • Car hire and onward travel expenses in case of breakdown
    • European assistance
  • Ready To Go

    Whichever model you choose, all of our approved Toyotas will be fully prepared – including all refurbishment – so you can drive away safely sooner than you think.

  • Technical Check

    Prior to sale, all TOYOTA PLUS approved Toyotas and approved Hybrids are inspected by our trained technicians and pass a full Toyota technical check.

  • Part exchange

    We realise many of you will have an existing car you’ll want to trade in, which is why we offer the convenience of a part exchange on all makes and models.

  • Finance and insurance

    Once you’ve found the right approved model, rest assured there are a range of flexible financing options available from Toyota Financial Services and insurance solutions from Toyota Insurance Management.