Vehicle Preparation

  • Rigorous Preparation

    All of our used vehicles come with full vehicle assessment, checks, road test and full documentation and we are a RAC Approved Dealer which means that every car is inspected and gets a minimum 6 months RAC Warranty. 

  • RAC Approved - Vehicle Checks, Preparation & Warranty

    Before we acquire a vehicle we check out its details, service history and complete finance checks. Every vehicle is history checked by Experian, the industry’s leading vehicle check specialist. Used cars stocked by Border Motor Group undergo a thorough series of checks by qualified engineers - you can be assured that we take the preparation of our vehicles very seriously indeed.

    Border Motor Group is an RAC Approved Dealership and every cars comes with a 6 months RAC Warranty.

  • Step 1 - Vehicle History, Documents & Credit Checks

    Vehicle Registration, HPI Checked

    We check the vehicle details against Registration Documents (V5) from the DVLA and every vehicle has a “Confirmation Certificate” provided to us by HPI. These checks reassure our customers that there will be no surprises when they buy, because all our stock has been verified by HPI, the leading vehicle check service. Avoid the potential problems associated with outstanding finance, stolen vehicles, undisclosed insurance write-offs or switched registration plates - buy your next car from Border Motor Group!

    • Details confirmed by DVLA
    • Registered date provided
    • Number of owners
    • Finance position confirmed
    • Condition: checked & cleared
    • Confirmed not stolen


  • Step 2 - Assessment, Inspection & Road Test

    Fully Qualified Engineers At Our Preparation Centre

    All our cars are inspected by qualified engineers. The Inspection is thorough and evaluates the condition of all the key components of every vehicle including the engine, gearbox, clutch, cooling system, steering, brakes, suspension, drive shafts, electrical, security, wheels and tyres, under body, interior and luggage space. This is followed by a road test.

    • Body Exterior
    • Brake System
    • Front Suspension
    • Rear Suspension
    • Steering
    • Electrical / Controls
    • Engine Compartment
    • Exhaust Systems
    • Fuel System
    • Interior / Luggage Space
    • Transmission
    • Underbody
    • Wheels and Tyres
    • Road Test & Final Checks
  • Step 3 - Re-Conditioning & Repair

    Vehicle Condition Reports

    We take action based on the vehicle inspection and make sure vehicles are repaired and prepared to meet mechanical standards.

    If there are any cosmetic imperfections we take actions based on the age and mileage of the vehicle and they fall into 3 categories.

    TYPE A

    Normal for some cars, depending on mileage and age

    Type A imperfections involve standard wear associated with normal vehicle usage. The marks are generally faint and often difficult to see. Any scratches are generally less than 3cm in length. Scuffs, stains and discolourations are small. Dents are generally less than 1.5cm in diameter or size. Repair work on these imperfections often includes minor paint touch ups, additional detailing and buffing/polishing.

    TYPE B

    Generally re-conditioned before being made available for sale

    Type B imperfections are minor defects or wear located in higher visibility areas. Scratches can be between 3cm to 10cm in length. Scuffs, stains and discolourations are minor in degree and small in size. Dents are generally about 3cm in diameter and less than 0.5cm deep. Repairs on these imperfections generally include minor paintwork, interior cleaning and general dent repair.

    TYPE C

    Vehicle that are older or which have covered higher mileages

    Type C imperfections include defects or wear that is more noticeable and more significant than standard wear. Scratches may exceed 10cm in length. Scuffs, stains and discolourations are more substantial and may exist in highly visible areas. Dents tend to be greater than 1cm in diameter. Repair on these imperfections can often be minimal because the defect is incapable of being corrected or the cost to do so is excessive.

  • Step 4 - MOT, Servicing, Wheels & Tyre

    Excellent Condition - Safe & Sound

    If a service or MOT is due, this will be carried out as part of our preparation process.

    We make sure that all our cars have a minimum of 6 months MOT certificate and they are serviced (minimum oil and coolant levels) and that the tyres meet safety standards and legal tread depths.

    The service book or equivalent and the MOT Certificate are available to view at the dealership.

  • Step 5 - Professional Valet & Showroom Inspection

    Professional Valet - inside & out

    Every car goes through our professional valeting team and the car is cleaned, hoovered, washed and polished inside and out - including the engine bay and the luggage compartment. The valeting team also keep an eye open for any cosmetic defects which may have not been picked up by any other inspection.

    Showroom-Ready Checks

    When our vehicles are delivered to one of our showrooms, they are again checked and inspected for documents, functionality and appearance. We double-check - just to make sure! Our aim is to make sure our customers can be 100% assured when it comes to vehicle quality and safety.