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Lexus Servicing

Lexus Carlisle Aftercare

Lexus Carlisle are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can catch up on the news with a cup of coffee in our comfortable lounge area or browse the internet at your leisure. Meanwhile, our technicians perform their tasks with optimum efficiency to get you back on the road with minimum interruption to your day.

We usually begin service and repairs within 24 hours of providing our estimate and, where possible, a courtesy loan car is provided.

Our master technicians undergo many hours of training on Lexus cars, in addition to their years of mechanical experience. They are also kept constantly up to date with the latest developments in Lexus service engineering and technology.

This emphasis on cutting-edge staff training and continuous career development helps provide you with the peace of mind that we’re doing our utmost to ensure your ownership experience is second to none.

Lexus Carlisle will provide:

  • Professional Lexus technicians
  • Only genuine Lexus parts
  • Minimum of 12 months warranty on parts
  • Lexus service history protects re-sale value
  • Thorough visual safety report
  • Lexus service tailored to your needs
  • State of the art facilities and equipment

Manufacturer Warranty

Every new Lexus comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty cover, whichever comes first, with no mileage limitation for the first year. The hybrid components, where fitted, are provided with a five-year/60,000-mile warranty. Any defect that is attributable to a manufacturing or assembly defect under normal use is covered by the warranty.

Twelve years of coverage is provided against bodywork perforation (i.e. any holes through the bodywork from inside to outside) due to corrosion that is attributable to faults in material or workmanship. Bodywork includes bonnet, doors, boot lid and floor panel, but excludes parts attached to the body, such as mouldings. bumpers and hinges.

This emphasis on cutting-edge staff training and continuous career development helps provide you with the peace of mind that we’re doing our utmost to ensure your ownership experience is second to none.

The warranty covers:

  • Any defect attributable to a manufacturing or assembly fault
  • Surface rust and paint defects appearing on any of the painted body panels due to a fault in material or workmanship
  • All parts and labour

For more information on a Lexus manufacturer warranty or would like to enquire about out extended warranties please contact Lexus Carlisle

Lexus Service Plans

We offer tailor made care for your Lexus with 2 distinct servicing options:

Standard Servicing Plan

Ensure the best standard of servicing for your Lexus, new or used Pre-paid Service Plans are designed to make owning a Lexus trouble free, so providing complete peace of mind. The plans offer a flexible, easy way to budget for servicing requirements by either paying in advance or by instalment. They are available on any Lexus model new or used and can be bought at any time from Lexus Carlisle.

Plans can easily be arranged at the same time as a new vehicle purchase, and your Carlisle Lexus Sales Advisor will be able to take you through the process. Because the service cost is set when the plan is bought the prices will not change - even if the cost of parts and labour rises for other customers.

Lexus Carlisle will be able to provide you with a personalised quote which will be based on the current age, mileage and service history of your vehicle.

The plans are flexible as owners decide what mileage period to include in each personal plan. They also cover full service cost, in accordance with the manufacturers service schedule, using only genuine Lexus parts. This will ensure that the service owners receive is of the highest quality currently available in the UK.

Servicing will be undertaken at your convenience and any Lexus Carlisle will be happy to provide a courtesy car if required.

Essential Care Service Plan

Specifically designed for cars over five years old

If you own an older Lexus that’s now out of warranty, you will be only too aware of the need to safeguard against unexpected repair bills when it comes to maintaining it.

That’s why we’ve introduced Lexus Essential Care. Our fixed-price service solutions allow you to have your car serviced by our highly skilled technicians from just £159 a year. All prices include genuine parts, labour and VAT. In other words, your Lexus service history is preserved, while your costs are minimised.

Want to spread the costs? Pay for your Lexus Essential Care with interest free, monthly payments by direct debit from just £21.95. The Service Plan is 100%. inflation proof and provides fixed prices on all genuine Lexus parts, complimentary visual safety reports plus first-class attention for your vehicle at Lexus Carlisle. The plan includes 1 Minor service, 1 Major Service and two MOTs over a two year duration in a fixed package.

Lexus Service Plan members can also exclusively enjoy 24 months Lexus Roadside Assistance for the price of 12, for a one off payment of just £115. For more information please contact Lexus Carlisle

Fixed Price Promise

Our servicing is priced in a detailed and transparent way

Even a Lexus will require the occasional repair to replace worn parts. For this reason we have created a Fixed Price Repair Plan to ensure that your costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Offering exceptional value and price transparency, there are no hidden additions. Even in the event of a repair taking a little longer than expected, you will still only pay the agreed fixed amount. As you would expect at Lexus Carlisle, your vehicle will be repaired using genuine Lexus parts, so that its exceptional quality and reliability remain uncompromised.

Lexus Carlisle Fixed Price Promise:

  • Price includes all parts labour and VAT
  • No hidden extras
  • Minimising costs with price transparency
  • Genuine parts fitted by Lexus technicians
  • Maintains your genuine Lexus service history

For more information on our fixed price promise please speak to our Service Department at Lexus Carlisle.

Lexus Accident Repair

Make sure your Lexus gets repaired by the people who know it best

lexus accident repair

It your Lexus needs repair following an accident, we would always recommend that you take it to the people who know your vehicle best and maintain meticulous standards in everything they do. Your Lexus Centre achieves these benchmarks. Our specialist repair professionals are highly trained and fully equipped with the latest technology, so all work is completed to the very highest levels. Only genuine parts are used and your vehicle is returned to NCAP standards: in other words, it will be as good as new. A courtesy car will also be provided while your Lexus is being repaired.

Genuine Lexus Parts

All Carlisle Lexus servicing use genuine Lexus parts – guaranteed.

Taking your car to Lexus Carlisle means you can trust that we will only ever fit genuine Lexus parts - without exception. Each part has been solely designed for your vehicle and, reassuringly, will only be fitted by specially trained technicians. From brake pads to automatic gearboxes, you can expect a definitive range of reliable parts that meets the high quality standards of Lexus.

For more information on Lexus genuine parts please contact Lexus Carlisle and ask to speak to the Part Department


Our range of genuine parts and accessories are manufactured to unrivalled quality standards and deliver life-long reliability. Find out how you can personalise your Lexus or browse through out exclusive collection of Lexus-branded merchandise.

Genuine Lexus accessories add an extra dimension or personal satisfaction to the Lexus ownership experience. Each item in the Lexus accessory range has been conceived by Lexus engineers purely for Lexus cars and Lexus drivers.

Please speak with your Sales Advisor to find out which accessories are available on your Lexus

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