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Toyota C-HR: A Rare Diamond

Toyota C-HR has enjoyed strong success since its launch at the end of 2016. Its entry into the mid-size crossover market made an immediate impact with striking styling and rewarding driving character. The more powerful hybrid powertrain is at the heart of the new Toyota C-HR HY-POWER Concept, a vehicle designed to connect even more with customers who have strong individual tastes and lifestyles, displaying a high quality execution and attention to detail throughout.

Exploring further the diamond theme, the design team found inspiration in the natural forces that turn carbon into diamonds and the way solid rock can conceal a fiery, molten core. This thinking is reflected in the exterior design by the use of a new matt Dark Carbon silver paint, dramatically contrasted by dazzling use of an anodised Burning Orange finish, and is carried forward in the interiors with a tone-on-tone approach the combines black upholstery and trim with Burning Orange details.

The concept is designed around the new hybrid powertrain that offers more power than the 122 DIN HP system featured in the current production C-HR, reflecting a strategic future development of Toyota’s world-leading technology of higher performance hybrid options made available in all its core models.

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Date posted: 27th, September, 2017