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Border Toyota Hybrid Test Drive

To demonstrate the benefits of Hybrid, we are inviting customers to discover our Hybrid vehicles and see how far they can travel in electric mode on a test drive. To date we have found that on average at least 50% of our test drive journeys are completed in electric mode, this means that no fuel is being used and because our cars are petrol-electric, you never have to plug the car in – it re-charges itself! Our Hybrid vehicles offer significant savings on fuel costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and a smooth, stress-free drive.

Book a Hybrid test drive at one of our Toyota centres where a device will monitor your driving and measure key statistics. At the end of your test drive we will be able to show you a map of your journey, plus how much time you spent in electric mode. You will then receive an email and certificate for your test drive and your results will be published anonymously in our league tables.

To book your Hybrid test drive, please click the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form http://www.bordermotorgroup.co.uk/pages/location.php#nav or for more information on Hybrid, please click the following link http://www.bordermotorgroup.co.uk/pages/hybrid.php
Date posted: 11th, July, 2018