Key Features

  • Hydrogen-Powered Mirai
  • Toyota’s Fuel Cell Electric Car
  • Water Vapour the only Exhaust Emission
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    The Ultimate Eco Car

    Mirai truly is a visionary car. By harnessing the power of hydrogen, it represents the next generation of electrically powered cars. With an energy conversion rate two-to-three times greater than conventional engines, Mirai's hydrogen fuel stack means you can go further on less fuel while completely eliminating emissions from your car.

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    The Kind of Escape You Enjoy

    Mirai isn't just better for the world around us, it also provides an irresistible driving experience. It is silent, smooth and controlled with instant acceleration and impressive power. With a flowing space inside, the quietness is enhanced by acoustic glass that minimises outside noise while advanced safety features adds to the feeling of security when driving.

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    How Mirai Works

    Mirai is 100% electric and doesn't need to be recharged. Instead, the unique fuel cell stack generates the electricity it needs to power the fully electric motor through mixing hydrogen with oxygen leaving just water behind. In addition, the battery system recovers and reuses energy during acceleration and breaking furthering its super-efficient nature.

About the Mirai

  • Over twenty years ago, we introduced hybrid technology with the pioneering Prius. Thanks to its flexible hybrid architecture we were able to embark on another journey of innovation with Mirai. Toyota’s Fuel Cell Electric Car runs on inexhaustible hydrogen gas which can be made entirely from renewables and it only emits water, making less impact on our planet but is guaranteed to leave an impression on you, every journey.