Toyota Maintenance

  • Toyota Maintenance

    We think there’s always more we can do for you, your car and your safety so when you bring your Toyota in to us for whatever reason, we’ll carry out a free inspection for you. This makes sure there’s nothing on your car that needs our attention now or in the near future. If there is, we’ll inform you straight away in our report


  • Your FREE Vehicle Health Check covers

    We’ll inspect the tread of each tyre to ensure yours meet legal requirements and that there are no signs of unusual wear or damage (like blisters).

    Our Toyota Trained Technicians will look closely for any scratches, chips or cracks that need to be monitored or repaired.

    Wiper blades and mechanism
    We’ll check your blades are cleaning the screen properly and that they are working smoothly and quietly.
    All lights
    All your lights will be inspected to ensure they’re in good working order and that there are no cracks or damage to the lenses.

    We’ll examine the paintwork and let you know if we spot anything that could cost more to fix in the future if you didn’t fix it now.

    Floor mats
    Finally, we check that your floor mats fit properly (if they aren’t Toyota ones they might not) and aren’t interfering with the foot pedals in any way.

    Your free Vehicle Health Check is always carried out by Toyota Trained Technicians. It’ll detail your car’s current condition, explain the highlighted areas and give you an idea of the cost and timings involved, too.

    And we offer this service because we want to look after you in every way we can. In fact, an expert health check like this can really make a difference – however much or little you drive your Toyota.

  • How to check the oil level in your Toyota

    This is one of the most important checks you can do – and it’s one of the easiest! We’ll show you when and how to make sure your oil level is correct and how to add more if your engine needs it. We can also help you find the oil that's right for your engine.

  • How to top up windscreen washer fluid

    A dirty screen isn’t just annoying, it can be extremely dangerous. But checking and topping up the fluid level in the washer bottle is so simple to do and it can make a massive difference to your journey.

  • How to change wiper blades

    Worn or badly fitted wiper blades won’t do their job properly, obscuring your view – and making driving dangerous. We’ll show you how to check for signs of wear on your blades and how to replace them.

  • How to change a wheel on your Toyota

    Today’s tyres are incredibly tough and hard-wearing, but it’s still sensible to regularly check the condition (and location!) of your spare. Then if and when you do need it, it’ll be ready for you.

  • How to use a tyre repair kit

    Driving over poor road surfaces, sharp objects or debris can damage even brand new tyres. But a tyre repair kit can minimise the disruption to your journey (but do get any damage checked as soon as possible).